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8 reasons why customers never open your emails

There’s nothing better for eCommerce email marketers than watching an email campaign consistently drive orders. And there’s nothing more aggravating than wondering why customers never open your emails. There are


3 Ways to Use Hashtags Like a Pro

Bloggers, millennials, and every social media user use this virtual phenomenon called the hashtag. It is the represented by this ‘#’ symbol, if you are not familiar. You might think,


The World’s Most Popular Web Sites By Country

A map developed by two Oxford Internet Institute researchers uses Internet traffic data from Alexa to determine each country’s most-visited website, Drew DeSilver of Pew Research reports. The countries look


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Why Webstamp;

As communicators, we know how to create messages and the selection of the appropriate communication channels that would better reach the target audiences. Our work experience has helped us understand just how important the front-line, the “face” of a product, service or person really is. As such, our experience in working on creating favorable customers’ perceptions is a fundamental basis for our job.

The customer-oriented approach we have adopted as communicators helps us better identify the customers’ needs and formulate the elements of your brand accordingly. Knowing how to identify what kind of “face” people want to look at will help us in developing the elements of character that will make that face all more attractive.

What does Webstamp do;

Webstamp offers integrated Internet services for businesses and individuals. We create your full online profile and consult you on the New Media opportunities to improve awareness, perception and ultimately revenues. We expose you to new markets, retain existing audiences and monitor the competition out there.

What is Webstamp ;

Webstamp is your guide through the limitless opportunities and the widespread threats the Internet has today. Webstamp founders, a communication expert and an IT specialist, have created a network of creative professionals having as their leading requirement “out-of-the box” mentality. This approach has formed an organization focused on creating innovative, low cost solutions to our customer.