The Importance of Website Branding

Website Branding Pillars

Why branding is so important, especially for a website? Your website needs to cover all the necessary factors in order to enhance your brand. Lets see those factors:

  • Design
  • Experience
  • Useful Content
  • Be unique , stand out from the crowd.

Now let’s analyze each factors separately:



Imagine two men standing side by side. One is casual dressed , a pair of jeans , sneakers and t-shirt , the other one in a good-looking suit and a tie. Isn’t the one in the suit more serious and formal?
This is how your website branding can begin – through a high-quality design. You can present the content of your website in the simplest way possible , so it would give only information. If you wrap it though in a great design your visitors will pay more attention and get a feeling of seriousness from your website because of the good looks



The user experience at your site must always provide the visitor with the answers that they need. It is irritating to browse in a website and cannot find the information you need. Making the site look good is step one, but making it simple and concise is the second step.Once you have their attention, you have to ensure that you give them the information.



It is really important to provide your visitors extra information about your services and/or products that way you know, you have cemented a place in the visitor’s mind. For example if you run a cleaning company and you have in your website reviews of your services or comparisons with other companies the visitors will view this added information positively .



Create something special, something different, something that will attract the visitors eye. If a specific layout of a website worked for your other companies doesn’t mean it ll work for you too. Avoid templates , avoid same designs , same techniques. The goal of website branding is to build a following of the brand based on the visitors’ experiences.